India Set To Deliver More Arms To Afghanistan


India is set to deliver more arms to Afghanistan to help the war-torn country fight Daesh militants.

According to reports, Indian officials have said that the Afghan Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim is expected to visit New Delhi early next week to present a list of military equipment needed.

This reportedly comes after the U.S-forces’ commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson held talks with Indian officials to find a way in which India could assist the Afghanistan Air Force.

In the past 10 years, New Delhi has invested nearly $2 billion USD dollars in Afghanistan’s reconstruction and economic programs but has been more cautious in providing military aid to the country.

Early this week, former president Hamid Karzai visited India and said in an interview that India could do more to help Afghanistan in terms of providing military aid.

“India should be a lot bolder in meeting the military needs of Afghanistan. I want India to take bold steps, and put caution behind, to bolster Afghan defense capabilities,” said Karzai in an interview.

“We would want them to do more” Karzai added.

Pakistan recently claimed that India organizes terror attacks on its soil from Afghanistan.

However, Afghan officials denied this.

Omid Misam, deputy spokesman for the Afghan CEO, in response to this claim said: “Pakistan and Afghanistan are both victims of terrorism. Afghan government many times asked Pakistan to stand at the side of the Afghan government and fight insurgents in the region honestly.”

Leaders of some political parties have meanwhile said that Pakistan is afraid of the Afghan-India friendship.

Political analysts said they believe that Pakistan is suffering from its own political mistakes.

Last December, New Delhi announced the supply of four attack helicopters to Afghanistan after it acknowledged the Afghan national forces were in dire need of military supplies to tackle the Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups.

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