Indian Consulate Siege Ends After 25 Hours

Police officials in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Balkh province confirmed Monday night that the siege on the Indian Consulate has ended – after 25 hours.

Insurgents launched an attack on the consulate at about 8.20 pm on Sunday night. Four insurgents were also killed.

Consulate security officers kept the attackers from breaching the compound but the insurgents then entered a building opposite the mission where they took cover.

The gunmen reportedly holed up in safe rooms in the heavily fortified building where they held out for 25 hours.

After a day of heavy fighting, special forces were dropped by helicopter on to the roof of the building in a bid to eliminate the insurgents.

Officials said that during the clash, one security officer was killed and nine people were injured, including three civilians.

However, Indian officials said that all consulate staff were safe and that none of them had been injured.

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