Injured Suicide Blast Victim Dies


A 17-year-old boy wounded in last week’s suicide bombing in Deh Mazang area in Kabul has died in hospital from his injuries.

The victim, Jalal, recently graduated from high school and was preparing for his university entrance exam.

Jalal’s family said that he had wanted to become an engineer and to participate in Afghanistan’s reconstruction. He was also an ardent cricket player and had recently been admitted to the Afghanistan Cricket Academy.

Jalal’s family argues that the National Unity Government (NUG) must prevent terrorist attacks.

Jalal was wounded one week ago in a suicide attack on a Public Order and Border Forces base in Deh Mazang area of Kabul city.

“May God save my two other sons. Jalal was not just my son he was a friend to me and from childhood he was going with me to parties and he was like a prince,” said Abdul Jalil Yousofzai Charkhi, Jalal’s father.

“Jalal recently graduated from 12th class and he wanted to become an engineer. He was always saying that I am the future of Afghanistan and I will stay in Afghanistan and I will serve Afghanistan,” said Jalal’s brother.

“We were calling him Janan from lots of love and he was a good classmate to me and we graduated together. And we were playing cricket together and he was a best friend for me,” said Zahid, Jalal’s friend.

Jalal’s cricket friends said that they have lost one of their best players.

“We call on the government to prevent such miseries,” said Jalal’s cousin Massoud.

Nine people were killed and 12 others were wounded in the February 1 suicide attack in Kabul city.

According to the MoI the incident occurred when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest near the Public Order and Border Forces base in Deh Mazang area of Kabul city.

Most of the victims were civilians, the MoI said.

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