Insurgents Attack Marjah District As Helmand Operation Continues


After being repelled from Nad-e-Ali district and parts of Lashkargah, the provincial capital, the Taliban insurgents have moved towards Marjah district and seized control of some areas.

Embedded with security forces, TOLOnews correspondent Tamim Hamid said heavy clashes broke out Friday between security forces and Taliban militants, which resulted in collapse of parts of Marjah and Haji Haidar areas to the insurgents.

“Nearly 800 Taliban fighters took part in the attack on Marjah over the past 24 hours,” he quoted a security official as saying.

According to him, several families have evacuated Marjah after the insurgents started using their homes as shields.

“Only one person has left at our home while the rest have fled to safe areas,” a resident of Marjah told TOLOnews

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