Insurgents Do About Turn After Joining Peace Process In Jawzjan


A group of 11 insurgents who joined government’s peace process recently changed their minds and re-joined the Taliban on Tuesday, local officials said.

The group was tasked with controlling a check post after joining the peace process. However they deserted their post to rejoin the insurgents and took all their military equipment with them, said police security official, Abdul Hafiz Khashi.

“About four months ago they joined the peace process but it is not yet clear why they rejoined the Taliban. They had the responsibility of a check post which was given by government after they joined the peace process,” Khashi said.

In the meantime, the peace committee of Jawzjan has criticized government over not implementing their promises for the people who are joining the peace process.

“There are a lot of issues in the peace process and those who are joining the process [government] are not addressing them. We are asking government to put in place a basic program,” the head of peace committee Mawlawi Mohammad Akram said.

In recent years many small groups of insurgents have joined the peace process but reports indicate that a lot have rejoined insurgents groups.

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