Iran Accused of Sending Afghan Prisoners to Syrian War

Two alleged Afghan drug smugglers have spoken out in a video recording of how they were reportedly detained in an Iranian prison for a year on drug charges before being sent by that government to Syria to fight for Bashar al-Assad’s ruling government.

In video footage sent to TOLOnews, one of the men, who is still detained in Syria, and whose name was not revealed, said: “The liar Iran sent us to the Syrian war by force. We are fine now and if any one watches this video on TV please pray for us. We are in Syria in the custody of Jaish Alhr brothers.”

“Iran police arrested us for drug smuggling and we were in prison for one year. After a year they sent us to Syria and now we are in custody of Jaish Alhr,” said the other detainee.

Iran has denied sending Afghans to fight in the Syrian and Iraqi war but there is still reportedly a network of recruitment centers. Statistics show that so far at least 700 Afghans have been killed in four years in the Syrian war. However, there are no official details on how many Afghans are in the country.

Afghan analysts believe that human rights institutions and the Afghan government must investigate reports of alleged recruitment of Afghans by Iran for Syria.

“According to international law, Iran must ensure immigrants rights in the country and with Iran sending Afghans to war, it is clearly a violation of the law,” said Miagul Khalid an Afghan military analyst.

He said the lack of jobs and a bad economic situation in the country is one of the main reasons why Afghans are being used to fight in other wars.

“It is because of unemployment that the armed oppositions are misusing us. When I cannot feed my children how I can go home. Inevitably I need to do anything,” said Hazratuddin an Afghan worker.

Despite numerous calls to the Iranian embassy in Kabul, officials refused to comment.

This comes after recent reports surfaced stating that Daesh is recruit around Kabul city and offering recruits $1,000 USD and a motorcycle to join the group.

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