ISI Ordered Mullah Dadullah to Eliminate Key Afghan Figures: Karzai

Former president Hamid Karzai on Wednesday said that Taliban leader Mullah Mansour Dadullah had been asked by the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to take out key Afghan figures in return for one third of the funding to the Taliban.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the start of Martyrs Week and the 14th Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s assassination, Karzai said that Mullah Dadullah had also confirmed that Pakistan appoints the Taliban leadership.

“Mullah Mansour has said that they [Pakistan] had called him to the ISI office in Pakistan and they [Pakistan] told him that they are going to give him a job to go to Afghanistan and kill tribal elders, Jihadi leaders and people. He told them [Pakistan] that he will not do that,” Karzai said.

According to him, Pakistan then told Mullah Dadullah that they [Pakistan] will give him one third of the funding paid to Taliban if he follows orders. “I [Dadullah] did not accept and finally I escaped to Afghanistan,” he told Karzai.

Addressing the guests at the ceremony Karzai implied that Pakistan has for years hurt Afghanistan, he said the country knows from where its pain originates.

“We have seen several wounds but we never fall and we will not fall in future. We face battles ahead but we will be the victors,” Karzai said.

The former president also reminded guests at the ceremony of Massoud’s good deeds and praised his efforts for the country.

“One famous speech of martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud is that so long as there is a piece of land with him he will save it and not leave the country,” Karzai said.

Karzai said that this statement by Massoud showed his deep-rooted patriotism and commitment to the Afghan people – something that Karzai said can be seen in other speeches of his.

The former president also called on the youth of the country to stay – and not to leave. He asked them to help rebuild Afghanistan.

“Nowadays our youth are leaving to live abroad to make a living … but that living can be found in Afghanistan. Better wages can be found in Afghanistan – don’t leave your country,” Karzai said.

“Stay in your country get educated and build our country better than that where you want to seek asylum,” Karzai added.

In conclusion, Karzai called on the nation to raise their voice and call for people to stop leaving the country.

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