Jalrez Situation Virtually Under Control as Forces Retake Posts

The situation in the unsafe Jalrez district virtually came under control after the security forces secured control of all nine police posts that had fallen to the Taliban.

The insurgents were pushed back from the district after the reinforcement forces launched the operation. However fighting is still underway in parts of the district, officials said.

The fighting in Jalrez district in central Maidan Wardak broke out late Thursday after a number of armed insurgents stormed the district, capturing all nine police posts.

According to the provincial media office, 24 police and 40 militants were killed during the last three days.

Another two policemen and 18 insurgents were wounded in the clashes, the office added.

“Where there are trees, there are enemies,” a police solider said who took part in the operation. “They [insurgents] are using light and heavy weapons including rockets and RPGs.”

Meanwhile, the provincial public relations director Abdul Wali Noorzai said insurgents from Pakistan’s tribal areas of Waziristan had also joined the local Taliban fighters in Jalrez fighting.

“Waziristani fighters had also accompanied the local Taliban,” Noorzai said, noting that these militants could not confront the Afghan forces.

After the situation virtually came under control, the Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Olomi and the Army Chief Gen. Qadam Shah Shaheem visited Jalrez where they promised the locals to avenge the brutal Jalrez killings.

During a meeting with the provincial governor, police chief and other local government officials, Olomi ordered launch of a massive anti-insurgent operation throughout the province.

Reports suggest many corpses of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) members were desecrated by the Taliban.

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