Jawzjan Officials Step In After Five Die In Cold Weather

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The Jawzjan provincial governor’s office has stepped in to help displaced families in the Darzab district of northern Jawzjan province after five people died and three expectant mothers lost their babies.

Abdul Rahman Mahmoodi, deputy governor of Jawzjan, said many of these people fled to Jawzjan from Sar-e-Pul due to ongoing conflict in their districts and Taliban and Daesh oppression.

Mahmoodi said that the provincial governor’s office has provided food, some money and other facilities to the displaced people.

“We have started providing help and fortunately we distributed food to these families and our action still continues. We are trying to help all displaced families who are facing problems,” he said.

In the meantime, district governor of Darzab, Rahmatullah Hashar, said that five people died in the bitterly cold weather in the past few days. In addition three expectant mothers lost their babies.

“We need medicine. People are facing many illnesses. Five people died due to cold weather and expectant mothers lost their babies,” Hashar said.

Halima Sadaf, a member of the provincial council confirmed these displaced people are in a desperate situation and many are living in the open air, in tents, mosques and schools.

“According to our information, five people died due to the cold in Darzab district and many of them don’t have access to healthcare centers,” she said.

However, local officials said that a group of doctors had been sent to the district to treat the sick.

Nearly a million people have been displaced so far this year in Afghanistan due to the ongoing war.

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