Jihadi Parties Urge Movement Not To Launch Protests


The Supreme Council of Jihadi and National Parties on Sunday urged the Enlightening Movement to restrain from launching protests over the controversial 500 kilovolt electricity project.

The leadership of the council also urged government to stop the 500 kilovolt electricity transmission project from Turkmenistan to Kabul until an agreement had been reached.

“We urge the Afghan government stop work on the project until the assigned commission reaches a conclusion,” said Sayed Hamed Gailani, a member of the council.

He added that the work on the project should be resumed, after an understanding was created.

The council also urged the movement to restrain from launching protests.

“Launching these protests, even if they are peaceful, should be avoided, so that the enemy will not make bad use of them,” Gailani added.

Qutbuddin Helal, another leadership member of the council, said that they are afraid that some elements will join the protests and use them for their own benefits.

“[We are concerned] that these protests will turn violent,” Zabihullah Mojaddidy said.

The Enlightening Movement wants the 500 kilovolt line carrying imported electricity from Turkmenistan to go through Bamiyan. The government however said the transfer of the power should be rerouted through Salang as it would work out cheaper.

The deputy spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani wrote said Sunday on his facebook page that all documents of the project will be sent to parliament on Monday.

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