Kabul and Beijing Mark 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties


Afghanistan and People’s Republic of China celebrated Tuesday the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The event was celebrated at the Afghan Presidential Palace attended by President Ashraf Ghani, Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao, Afghanistan’s CEO Abdullah Abdullah, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, the cabinet members, parliamentarians and other high-ranking officials from both the countries.

Ghani in his address to the event praised China’s contribution to Afghanistan’s peace, stability and reconstruction.

“Mr. Vice President’s [Li Yuanchao] visit is a symbol of strong friendly relations between the two countries,” Ghani said.

He stated China had a stable policy in the region.

According to Ghani, Beijing is a strategic partner to Kabul in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan and region.

Today the two sides signed three major cooperation agreements on security, education and reconstruction which Ghani said is a “vital step towards strengthening the bilateral relations.”

Ghani urged that Afghanistan needed a strong support from China to make the country a trade and transit hub.

On his turn, the Chinese VP expressed his president and premier’s condolences to the families of victims of recent deadly earthquake in Afghanistan.

He promised an assistance of $1 Million USD to the quake-affected families, in addition to helping Afghanistan 1.5 billion Chinese Yuan for the next three years.

He appreciated Ghani and Abdullah for forming the National Unity Government.

Li Yuanchao said Ghani and Abdullah are committed to a “bright future for the people of Afghanistan.”

Based on the agreements signed earlier in the day, China will build four security gates at the entrances of Kabul city.

Besides providing 1,500 new scholarships for the Afghan students, China will also construct 10,000 residential units for the families of victims of Afghan Army and Police.

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