Kabul, Berlin Join Forces To Assist Return Refugees


Afghanistan and Germany are working together on a plan to create jobs and provide shelter for repatriated refugees from Germany.

Currently, scores of people who have returned home on a voluntary basis are unemployed and do not have housing.

“This agreement is to provide services to those who have returned to Afghanistan, those who have been refused asylum and those who already had residency but opted to return to Afghanistan,” said the Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, Sayed Husain Alemi Balkhi.

Abdul Ghafoor Aryan is a young graduate from the social sciences faculty of a local university and left Afghanistan a few months ago in search of a better future in Europe.

However, after spending three months in Germany, he felt that his dream was not going to become a reality and decided to return to Kabul.

He said he had been lured by human traffickers to flee the country.

“The human traffickers are playing with people’s lives. Europe and Germany is not a good place to live,” he said.

Aryan said government has pledged to provide them with jobs and housing. “We haven’t received any help so far,” he added.

According to statistics provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than one million people, including Afghans, have entered Europe illegally in the past year.

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