Kabul Blast Kills Three Including MP


Three civilians including an Afghan lawmaker Sher Wali Wardak were killed in Kabul on Sunday evening after an IED was detonated via remote control near the MP’s house.

Security sources told TOLOnews Kabul MP Sher Wali Wardak was killed in the explosion in the city on Sunday afternoon as he was returning home

Officials said the IED was detonated as Wardak’s gate opened at his house near Qambar circle in PD5 at about 4.30pm.

Wardak’s brother, Farooq Wardak, is Afghanistan’s former minister of education.

No group has as yet claimed responsibility for the incident.

Wardak was seriously injured in the explosion and died before reaching hospital.

Two other civilians were killed along with Wardak and ten others were wounded, the source said.

Police officials said that the mine had been found earlier and that security forces had being trying to neutralize it but that it was detonated as Wardak arrived at his gate.

Eye witnesses at the blast scene said that the MP and two other civilians died before getting to hospital.

“He got out of his car and someone was shaking his hand when the explosion occurred, I rushed and saw the MP was lying on the ground, we put him in the car as he was wounded. Six to seven police personnel were also wounded,” an eye witness Mohammad Zahir told TOLOnews.

“I just entered my shop when the blast happened. Several people were wounded,” another MP Sayed Zahir said.

The security forces cordoned off the area after the blast.

“The enemies of the country had planted a remote control mine near an electricity pole near the house of Mr. Sher Wali Wardak. The police and personnel of national directorate of security were in the area to defuse the mine. Unfortunately the MP was also there, but the mine was a remote control and it went off after the police sealed the road,” Faraidoon Obaidi, head of Kabul Crime Investigation department said.


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