Kabul Court Quietly Reverses Death Penalty Decision in Farkhunda Case

The Kabul Appeals Court has allegedly reversed the Primary Court’s sentence of the death penalty handed down in May to four accused in the Farkhunda murder case.

Those handed the death penalty in a ruling in May have now reportedly had their sentences reduced to 20 years in prison, a source told TOLOnews on condition of anonymity.

The decision came Wednesday after a “secret trial”, the source added.

Furthermore, the court is said to have acquitted the custodian of the Shrine named Omran of the case – who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for playing a major role in accusing Farkhunda of burning the Holy Quran.

Farkhunda was brutally beaten to death, burnt and thrown into muddy Kabul River by a mob on 19 March in Kabul in the presence of a number of policemen after a Mullah accused her of burning the Quran. This led the people to attack her with stones and sticks.

About 50 suspects including policemen were arrested in connection with her murder – but four were handed the death sentence and eight got 16 years in prison.

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