Kabul Doctors Successfully Reattach Severed Leg

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An Afghan doctor has successfully reattached a young man’s leg after it was severed a car accident in Kabul city.

Najibullah, whose lower leg was severed in the incident 18 days ago, was admitted to a private hospital in Kabul after the accident. There a doctor operated on him and reattached his leg, which appears to have been a success.

Najibullah said he is slowly regaining sensation in that leg.

“What is most important now is the blood flow in his leg. Treatment will take some time,” said Aminullah Hamkar, head of Hamkar hospital.

Describing what had happened to him at the time of the accident, Najibullah said: “A Corolla type vehicle hit me and my leg was stuck between a rock and the car. Then I don’t remember what happened.”

Najibullah’s relatives said that they had knocked on every door but no one was ready to try to reattach Najibullah’s severed leg. Everyone told them to transfer the patient abroad but eventually his operation was successful at the Kabul hospital, they said.

Many people believe that the standard of health services in Afghanistan has increased substantially over the past few years but doctors say there is still a long way to go to get people to trust in their abilities.

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