Kabul Gets Its First Motocross Track


Kabul got its first official Motocross track on Tuesday with an immediate membership of at least 50 enthusiasts.

Motocross riders from Kabul and Herat displayed their talent at the track initiated by Afghanistan Motorcycling Federation and the National Olympics Committee.

“We hope that we move forward with the help of the motorcycling federation and the participants here,” said Freshta, a motorcyclist.

“We are happy that we are provided with such a facility to use our talent and show it to the people,” said Ahmadzai Ahmadi, another motorcyclist.

Meanwhile, the National Olympic Committee and the federation officials called on government to pay more attention to the sport and build standard and modern tracks for motorcyclists.

“I hope it is a good step. There is war but from the other side there is happiness. If there is violence, the other side is construction,” said Mohammad Zahir Aghbar, head of the committee.

“We urge government to provide us with facilities. What we have done here was at our own expense,” the head of the federation Sayed Nabidullah Saadat said.

The Afghanistan Motorcycling Federation was established last year under the National Olympic Committee. This sport has enthusiasts in different provinces including Herat, Kabul, Bamiyan, Kapisa, Parwan, Panjshir, Balkh, Kandahar and Wardak.

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