Kabul Hosts 7th Meeting In Preparation For Warsaw


Senior Afghan and foreign officials on Monday attended the 7th preparation meeting for the Warsaw Summit which will be held in July.

Participants of the meeting said the National Unity Government’s (NUG) achievements are important to continue the international community’s support to Afghanistan until 2020.

“The recent foreign minister meeting in Brussels laid the foundation for the successful summit in July, but a lot of work remains to do here in Kabul in order to ensure that we can have confidence in our collective vision for continued financial sustainment of the security sector beyond 2017,” said Roberto Cantone Italy’s Ambassador in Kabul.

The participants also urged the international community to support Afghanistan’s achievements.

Meanwhile, Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said: “We are committed to carry on this combat successfully and terrorism will be defeated in Afghanistan, on condition that the countries that have committed to Afghanistan should boost their support to the country. The enemy has been defeated on all battlegrounds this year.”

This comes after Afghan security and defense forces have had a tough fighting season against the Taliban and other terrorist groups this year, but according to security officials they have succeeded in this battle.

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