Kabul Municipality Signs Four Agreements


The Kabul Municipality on Monday signed four agreements and two cooperation documents on roads, bridges and a canalization system for the city with an Arabic company.
President Ashraf Ghani was also present at the event.
According to the agreements, Khatib-ul-Elmi Company will design and implement construction and reconstruction projects in the city.
Acting mayor of Kabul Abdullah Habibzai said that Wazir Abad’s canalization system will be restored in the upcoming three years but the rapid bus service system will take many years to complete.
The agreements include the construction of 111 kilometers of dedicated bus lanes, reconstruction of major roads and circles in the city, reconstruction of Wazir Abad canalization system, the reconstruction of both banks of the Kabul River, the collection of waste from the city and the review of high-rise buildings in Kabul.
“The distance that Kabul citizens travel in hours will be shortened to nearly 20 minutes after the transportation project is completed. This is a considerable decrease in travel time,” said Habibzai said.
It is said that the projects will provide job opportunities for over 100,000 Afghans.
“This is a good opportunity for us as we take part in reconstruction of a very beautiful country by the name of Afghanistan. Our company is a construction firm which has more than 50 years experience in Lebanon and other Arabic nations,” said Ramazan al Harab, deputy head of the Arabic company.
The Kabul Municipality officials said the construction of bus lanes will cost about $2 million.

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