Kabul Police Failed To Foil Attack On Mosque: Danish


President Ashraf Ghani’s second VP Mohammad Sarwar Danish on Monday accused the Kabul police headquarters and garrison of negligence after Monday’s deadly bombing at a Shia ceremony at the Baqir-Ul-Olom mosque in Kabul.

He also called for a full inquiry into the incident that left dozens of the civilians dead and wounded.

Talking on the motives behind such attacks, meanwhile, top Afghan government officials including President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah have termed the attack on the Kabul mosque a deliberate attempt by terrorists to escalate sectarian violence in Afghanistan.

Danish had been speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of the new commissioners for electoral bodies.

“Such incidents, and the unsatisfactory presence of security forces at the Baqir-Ul-Olom mosque yesterday is a clear sign of negligence which needs to be investigated and there should be clear answers to the questions the people have,” said Danish.

“The terrorists and Daesh by conducting such inhumane attacks on lives of innocents want to target our integration and unity, through such acts they (terrorists) want to spread the seeds of division,” said Ghani at the same ceremony.

“The crime which was conducted by Daesh in-fact was an attack against the people of Afghanistan, it was an act of oppressions and suppression, these attacks are aimed to create sectarianism among the people of Afghanistan,” said Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the ministry of interior has said that security officials of PD6 have been suspended.

The statements come a day after a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a crowd of people in Baqir-Ul-Olom mosque in Kabul killing at least 32 people and wounding dozens more.

The attack drew strong condemnation from the public and the international community.

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