Kabul Residents Call For Justice


A number of Kabul residents on Thursday said this week’s bombing was a terrorist attack and called on government to punish officials who failed to prevent the incident.

Government has however said the attack is being investigated and that already a number of key police officials, from PD1, have been suspended.

Residents said however that if punishment is not meted out and that vehicles with tinted windows are not stopped from prowling the capital’s streets, terrorists will continue to carry out such attacks.

Scores of residents have also called for the resignation of high-ranking Kabul security officials.

“When you [security officials] cannot do your job then let others serve the country. A bomber passes through many check posts but he is not identified and detained,” said Alyas a local resident.

“People’s businesses have closed because of the attack and people are distressed. I think until all evil has been eliminated from security forces, so they cannot help insurgents, such attacks will take place,” said Roeen a student.

Reacting to the MoI’s suspension of PD officials, residents said this move is not enough. They said many questions need to be asked as to how a truck, laden with explosives, could reach the intelligence unit.

But in defense of such allegations, the president’s deputy spokesman Dawa Khan Menapal said: “Such attacks take place even in Paris and Brussels despite tight security measures. Such attacks [in Kabul] are conducted from outside the country.”

Jawed Faisal, the CEO’s deputy spokesman said: “It is too early for us to say whether negligence was involved but a task team has been appointed to investigate [the incident] and will share their findings with government.”

Tuesday’s attack on the intelligence unit resulted in the death of 64 people. More than 340 others were wounded.

A few months ago, the National Security Council spoke of four key scanning stations that would be set up at entry points into Kabul. Officials say these stations are coming in from China and are expected to arrive soon.

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