Kabul Residents Enjoy Nightlife as Eid Shopping Gets Momentum

The residents of capital Kabul defy all the security threats by enjoying rapid-growing nightlife culture, spending hours at the parks and glorious malls at night.

As the weather becomes hot while Eid festival is approaching, the Kabul residents leave their homes at night for the Eid shopping at the busiest malls of the city – that have added a wonderful glory to the night view of the city.

Colorful Eid stalls are setting up in the city as families are gearing up for Eid shopping.

Dozens of young men visit hookah bars while families enjoy evenings in the parks, restaurants and busy shopping centers until late night.

The Kabul residents say suicide attacks and bombings can’t snatch their freedom and joy.

“This is our home land and we need to live a life, so why shouldn’t we come out of our homes at night,” a young student Farid Ahmad said, enjoying a lovely night whether in Kabul.

On the other hand, children are enjoying playing football at the streets, though they lack necessary stadiums and facilities.

“Days are very hot and people are busy with their jobs. Therefore, we come out of our homes at night,” a Kabul resident named Ehsan told TOLOnews.

The nightlife culture has notably grown in Afghanistan, especially in the big cities like Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif.

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