Kabul's Historical Sites In Need Of Reconstruction


The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) on Tuesday raised deep concerns over new constructions replacing a number of historical sites in the city, referring to the construction of a new building in downtown Kabul.

Buildings constructed alongside the Kabul River are said to be the first European style architecture in Afghanistan and heritage of Kabul’s ancient city. However, one of these buildings has been totally demolished which has also damaged the feature of the city.

“They have to rebuild the building from the same material and in same style,” said Abdul Qadir Arzo, head of publication department of the Kabul Municipality.

“The people must act against such a move which affects the history,” said Bashir Bezhan, an Afghan journalist.

“They are the ancient buildings. They must be protected in its original shape,” a shopkeeper Ustad Salim said.

“Government should take notice of this issue,” another shopkeeper, Kamran, said.

According to local residents, the buildings, which were destroyed for new constructions, were 100 years old.

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