KANKASH: Islamabad Talks Vital Step Towards Achieving Peace: Delegation

The Afghan peace delegation which recently returned from what they called a productive discussion with Taliban and Haqqani members in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, told media on Tuesday they gained significant achievements.

Appearing in a press conference in Kabul, the Afghan government’s peace envoys acknowledged they for the first time met with the Taliban representatives in a formal meeting.

Mullah Yahya, a member of Haqqani network, Latif Mansoor from Taliban’s Quetta Shura and Abbas Akhund, representing Taliban’s Qatar group, were the key negotiators for the Taliban, an Afghan delegation member told TOLOnews on condition of anonymity.

The delegation said representatives from the United States, China and Pakistan were the observers at the meeting who it said welcomed the meeting.
In this episode of Tawde Khabare, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with the following guests,

Muhammad Natiqi, delegation member
Dawood Muradyan, an international affairs analyst
Fahim Dashti, journalist

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