Key Area In Helmand Cleared Of Taliban


Helmand security officials said on Tuesday that Yakhchal, a key area of Grishk district, has been cleared of Taliban through the Khanjar (Dagger) operation.

The operation was conducted under the leadership of Afghan Special Forces and during the operation three Talibs were killed and six others wounded.

Afghan forces emphasized that offensive operations are underway in insecure parts of Helmand province and will continue until the enemy has been defeated.

Yakhchal was a Taliban safe haven for a number of months and occasionally the Taliban created challenges for security forces.

According to security officials, the Taliban’s safe havens have been destroyed in the area.

“A successful and well planned operation was organized and the enemy suffered heavy casualties and their safe havens have been destroyed,” said Hayatullah Ahmadzai, an army commander .

“About 60 to 70 enemy [fighters] were located here and the enemy suffered heavy casualties but there are no casualties to our forces,” said Mohammad Jawad, a special forces commander.

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