Khost Journalists Slam Attack On TOLO TV Staff


Scores of journalists at a gathering in Khost province strongly denounced the attack on TOLO TV personnel and termed it an act against the freedom of expression in the country.

Participants at the gathering said media organizations are impartial and any attack on them is against humanitarian and international laws.

Khost journalists called on media organizations to ensure the safety of their employees.

“The duty of organizations like TOLO [TV] and One [TV] is to pay attention to the safety of their staff because they have been threatened by insurgents,” said Farooq Mangal, coordinator of journalist in the eastern zone.

Meanwhile, other participants at the event called on all warring sides to avoid attacking employees of media organizations.

“All media organizations and journalists in Khost condemn any kind of attack that targets reporters or any staff of media outlets in the country,” said Zahid Shah Angar, a journalist in Khost.

“We urge government to ensure the safety of journalists and media organizations,” he added.

At least 30 civilians were killed and wounded in Wednesday’s attack that targeted a bus carrying TOLO TV staff.

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