Kot Cleared of Daesh After Heavy Military Operation


Military forces and Afghan commandos have cleared Kot district in eastern Nangarhar of Daesh insurgents after four days of heavy fighting, which resulted in the death of at least 122 insurgents, officials said on Tuesday.

In addition, 22 other insurgents were arrested.

Ghulaam Hazrat, leader of a special commando unit, said that a military operation was underway in Achin and Haskamina districts of the province to clear the areas of insurgents.

Meanwhile, TOLOnews reporter Zeyar Yaad who visited the battle scene, reports that the commandos have seized buildings that Daesh was using as a court and training centers and that “the commandos are continuing their operations in other parts of the province to clear the insurgents.”

Yaad said that foreign troops also supported the Afghan security forces during the battle by launching air operations.

“Some documents belonging to Daesh insurgents were left at their centers,” according to Yaad.

Attaullah Khoghyani, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said that “122 insurgents were killed in the past 24 hours and a number of centers belonging to the insurgents were destroyed. Most of the insurgents killed in the operation are foreigners.”

Nearly a month ago, Daesh insurgents attacked the district killing a number of civilians. Dozens of families were subsequently displaced.

Military forces assured people that insurgents were cleared in Kot and that they will continue their operations to clear Achin and Haskamina – which are close to the district.

Residents of Kot said that Daesh insurgents killed a number of tribal elders in the area after accusing them of having links with government. But now security forces have assured the people “that we will not let insurgents come back to this district.”

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