Kunar Residents Raise Concerns Over Spike In Security Threats


Residents and members of the Kunar provincial council, in the eastern region of Afghanistan, have raised concerns over what they say is a sharp increase in insecurity in the province.

They said the situation will directly impact the residents unless government steps up efforts to curb the threats.

However, the Kunar governor has rejected the claims, and said government forces have been on red alert to tackle any challenges emerging from insurgents’ activities.

“We strongly reject claims of an increase of security threats in the province. But sometimes the insurgents increase their movements in some districts, however, security forces are ready to thwart their plots,” Kunar governor Wahidullah Kalimzai said.

Residents have said that security threats have drastically intensified in several areas of the province in recent weeks after insurgents increased their activities in the areas.

Jamaluddin Sayyar, head of Kunar provincial council said that the insurgents are trying to increase their deployments beyond Assad Abad, the capital of the province towards border regions with Pakistan, warning that the security situation will deteriorate next summer unless government take steps and eliminates the insurgents in these regions.

“We are facing major challenges after insurgents intensified their activities. Therefore, we ask the government to consider comprehensive security measures for Kunar as it is located in border regions,” he said.

“Kunar residents are deeply concerned about the security situation as threats noticeably increased not only in the center but also in other parts of the province,” a civil society activist from Kunar, Shoaib Gharwal, said.

The statement comes few days after a suicide attack in the province killed at least 14 civilians and wounding 40 others.

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