Kunduz Crisis Continues, Military Operations Ongoing


Security forces on Thursday continued to conduct military operations in different parts of Kunduz city and troops are slowly pushing back the insurgents in the eastern suburbs.

According to a source, insurgents ramped up attacks in the third district, in Zakhil and Banda-e-Imam areas overnight but faced strong offensives by security forces.

On Thursday morning, heavy clashes were ongoing on the Kabul-Kunduz highway, Zakhil and Shir Khan Bander and thousands of residents were desperately trying to flee the city.

As shops remain largely closed, food is scarce. Prices have skyrocketed including that of transport, food and recharge cards for mobile phones.

Residents have spoken out about the latest crisis and criticized government for “doing nothing to change the situation.”

The power to the city is also still disconnected.

Taliban insurgents have also infiltrated suburban homes which they are using as battle positions against security forces.

Sources in the city have said this in itself poses enormous problems for security forces that are trying hard to prevent civilian casualties.

Ground forces are meanwhile being supported by the air force which has carried out a number of air strikes.

The Provincial Governor’s Office has meanwhile confirmed that at least 100 Talibs have been killed in the past three days.

However, the security forces have also sustained losses.

“Nearly 20 security force members were killed or injured. Three civilians were also killed and seven others were injured,” said an official from the governor’s office.

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