Kunduz Hospital Death Toll Rises to 30

MSF hospital Kunduz

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Saturday the death toll from the Kunduz hospital airstrike earlier this month has risen to 30.

In a statement Saturday, MSF attributed the new toll to seven additional unidentified bodies later found in the wreckage of the hospital at Kunduz.

The MSF said Friday that one more staff member was confirmed to have been killed with two additional patients presumed dead, bringing the total to 25 victims.

Authorities initially said the U.S attack on October 3 came after Afghan forces called in airstrikes against Taliban fighters thought to be firing from inside the hospital grounds.

US President Barack Obama has since apologized for the attack, and the commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan said it was a mistake.

Internal military investigations are underway, with preliminary results expected soon.

The attack on the hospital sparked a global outcry. Among others, the European Union special envoy to Afghanistan Franz-Michael Melbin said the bombing was a clear violation of international law, and urged the Afghan government to take action and conduct a transparent investigation.

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