Kunduz Police Arrest Two Teens On Terror Charges


Kunduz police have confirmed they arrested two teenagers, under the age of 18, on charges of placing roadside mines and terrorizing security forces in the province.

The two suspects, believed to be 15 years old, reportedly confessed that they had been taught destructive activities by anti-government armed men, said Kunduz police chief.

The children said that they live in Kunduz province.

During the preliminary investigation, the children confessed that they were forced by Shir (a local teacher) to participate in destructive activities, said police.

“A person named Malem Sher assigned me to go to Kunduz city and place mines there,” one of the arrested teens said.

“Malem Sher told me to join them and do jihad. He gave us training on using guns and placing mines and fighting against government,” the other suspect said.

“The two teens received training on terrorist activities in Chahardara district [in Kunduz]. They in police custody now,” said Kunduz Police Chief Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh.

The Taliban has not reacted to these claims.

“We have arrested children on many occasions – who were encouraged by anti-government armed groups to take part in terrorist activities,” said security officials.

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