Kunduz Provincial Council Head Accused of Abusing Aid Money

The governor of Kunduz Mohammad Omar Safi has accused the provincial council head, Mohammad Yousuf Ayoubi, of embezzling aid money worth 6 million Afghanis.

No required documents were shown to prove the money was spent on the families affected by recent natural disasters, Safi told TOLOnews on Wednesday.

“Over the past three months, the head of provincial council has withdrawn and embezzled 6 million Afghanis under the pretext of using them for the affected families but has failed to provide a report on it,” Safi said.

However Ayoubi has denied what he called baseless accusations.

“The governor of Kunduz has always made false accusations against the provincial council members,” Ayoubi said, accusing the governor of weak management in the province.

“Since he has been appointed as the governor, the security situation of Kunduz has deteriorated more,” Ayoubi said.

But according to governor Safi, existence of illegal armed groups, which many believe are often supported by provincial lawmakers, is the main reason behind the corrupt system in province.

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