Kunduz Residents Desperate As Battles Continue


Kunduz residents on Saturday criticized government’s security strategy for their city, saying the security institutions have failed to safeguard the province.

Reports from the frontlines and the outskirts of Kunduz indicate that thousands of people are dealing with severe food shortages after a week of ongoing battles between the Taliban and security forces.

“We took our children and escaped with only our clothes and left our whole property behind,” said an elderly woman from Kunduz.

“Taliban kill anyone who has worked with the security forces or local police force,” said another resident.

“May Allah help us, we have no one, may Allah show mercy on this nation,” said another resident.‎

‎”So far we have not managed to get the bodies of our countrymen who were brutally killed, the situation is quite sensitive,” an Afghan solder said.

Meanwhile, displaced families who have escaped the city and sought refuge in Kabul and Badakhshan also complain about the lack of facilities and daily needs.


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