Kunduz Residents Lose Millions As Taliban Go On Looting Spree

The Taliban’s siege of Kuduz city has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in earnings for the residents and traders, who were not only forced to close their businesses but are now falling victim to the insurgent group’s looting spree.

After seizing control of the northern city on Monday, the Taliban insurgents on Tuesday started looting shops and businesses, plundering homes and torching strategic buildings and offices.

Chief Executive of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) Atiqullah Nasrat on Tuesday said the Taliban rebels have torched government offices and stores – particularly jewelry stores specializing in gold.

“Taliban … have destroyed a number of buildings, looted bazaars and even wanted to establish their base in the ACCI office in the city,” he said.

MPs from Kunduz say the Taliban fighters have also looted a number of houses in the city.

“They took with them all the things that people had. They entered people’s houses and even forcibly took their vehicles,” an MP from Kunduz, Amanullah Paiman told TOLOnews.

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