Lawyers Hit Back At AGO's Reform Programs


Amid Taliban insurgency, the peril of systematic corruption has also plagued all aspects of life of the Afghan public.

Although, the political leadership has constantly laid out their vision to combat the trend, no positive outcome has been achieved and instead Afghanistan topped the list of the world’s major corrupt countries, which has led to an increase in insurgency.

But government still defends its anti-graft policy and vows to continue fighting corruption.

“The government of Afghanistan has taken robust action against those involved in corruption and government revenue has increased by 21 percent amid the reduction in corruption cases,” deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi said.

Back in May, Afghanistan’s new Attorney General Mohammad Farid Hamidi announced that his priority was to accelerate the fight against corruption in the country, something Afghans want to happen.

On Saturday, the AGO once against reaffirmed strong commitment to investigate the large corruption cases in the country, a few weeks after the legal body implemented a number of reforms within its branches.

“In line with its commitment to the people of Afghanistan, the attorney general’s office is determined to implement reforms in all levels,” AGO spokesman Basir Azizi said.

Meanwhile, the Association of Lawyers of Afghanistan has hit back over the AGO’s reforms strategy, arguing until interference of the members of parliament and powerful lawbreakers within the body aren’t stopped, the AGO may not be able to implement reforms.

In a recent move, the AGO reshuffled a number of key positions within the body in Kabul and the provinces in order to designate qualified and honest attorneys to closely deal with corruption and graft.

“The AGO’s counter corruption policy works if successes are recorded to recuperate the assets of the government from parliament and lawbreakers,” political analyst Mohammad Asif Baktash said.

Law experts have said that the weakness of the government for bringing about reforms in the legal and judicial institutions of the country have led to a major mistrust over the government’s anti-graft strategies.

According to law experts, in the first step, the government needs to investigate major corruption cases and serve justice on those who are involved in corruption, then we can expect something beneficial from these commitments.

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