Life Returns to Normal, Kunduz Residents Come Out Of Hiding


Life in the embattled city of Kunduz is slowly returning to normal but officials appealed to residents to heed the advice of troops and avoid areas still deemed insecure.

TOLOnews journalist Karim Amini who is reporting from Kunduz city said that residents, including women, are slowly coming out of hiding, specifically to find food.

He said troops are however, deployed throughout the city.

Amini says that shops, restaurants and bakeries are also slowly re-opening and public transport operators are also starting to return to work. In addition, some residents who fled the city are slowly returning home.

Security forces are also handing out food to hungry residents. One child who had left the sanctuary of his home told TOLOnews that his family had not had food for four days.

An elderly resident who fled but who has since returned said: “We have returned to our home but we lost everything”.

This comes after the Taliban’s six day siege of the city which saw them carry out looting sprees, mass murders and gang rapes. Torching buildings and plundering homes, businesses, shops and government offices, the Taliban managed to terrorize residents for days.

However, another TOLOnews reporter, Sharif Amiri, who is also in Kunduz city, said that local security forces have warned that there are still insurgents in hiding in the city. They also warned that there might be suicide bombers hiding out in residential homes.

Troops are however conducting house-to-house searches in a bid to eliminate the threat. Early Sunday, officials confirmed that security forces have killed over 400 insurgents in the city in the past few days. A further 40 have been arrested.

Confirmed figures of civilian casualties and security force casualties have not yet been released.

Security officials in the city have however, assured residents that “they now should not be worried about the security situation in Kunduz and neighboring provinces”.

They said troops are also stationed along the highways in a bid to keep them secure and that reinforcements are deployed throughout the city.

The Taliban launched an attack on Kunduz city on Monday after hundreds of well-equipped militants, including Pakistani nationals and other foreigners, stormed the city and over ran government facilities.

They also stormed the prison and allowed 600 inmates, including 110 Taliban members, to escape.

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