Locals Voice Opinions On U.S Election Importance For Afghanistan


A number of Afghans said on Monday they predict Hillary Clinton will win this week’s presidential election in the United States and that she will follow in current President Barack Obama’s footsteps in terms of his policies.

Other residents meanwhile said a win by Donald Trump will be dangerous for Afghanistan because “he is an anti-Islam politician”.

“It is said that this year’s U.S elections is exceptional in history. These kinds of problems and rivalry has not been seen in the United States previously,” said Anwar Ghori, a university lecturer.

“Bad is better than worse. I think Clinton is better than Trump,” said Habibullah, a university student.

“Clinton is the first lady in the U.S to be nominated as a presidential candidate in that country. I think it will be a big change particularly for U.S women,” said Musadiq, a resident of Kabul.

Meanwhile, other residents said they believe that the results of the U.S election will not bring any changes to Washington’s policies towards Afghanistan.

“What Trump used to say in his electoral campaign showed that he is anti-Islam. This will have an impact on Islamic countries including Afghanistan (if he wins),” said Khalid, a student.

“We see that recently Trump insulted Muslims. He believes that Muslims should not travel to the U.S,” said Ahmad, another Kabul resident.

Neither candidate has said, during their campaigns, what approach they will take to Afghanistan in the event of them winning.

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