Massoud Warns NUG Against 'Following Wrong Path'


Ahmad Zia Massoud, the president’s special representative on reforms and good governance, on Thursday said that national unity government (NUG) leaders should choose the right way; otherwise, people will seek an alternative to the NUG.

Massoud said the division in government appears more important than the lives of dozens of security forces for NUG leaders.

Three days ago Massoud visited Panjshir where he sharply criticized the NUG. On Thursday he visited the Stalif district in Kabul to encourage the people to take a firm stance against insurgents.

Massoud warned that if the rifts between the NUG leaders does not end, big parts of the country will fall to armed anti-government groups.

“The current political rift is not acceptable to the people. People are also waiting for them to end their disagreements in the near future, otherwise, they will seek an alternative for the NUG,” Massoud said.

Massoud also mentioned First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum and said his presence on the battlefields indicates a weakness in security departments.‎

“Dostum goes to Faryab and fights, he does not want to go to the battlefields, but he knows that the people who lead the battles are weak,” Massoud said.

Massoud said that without bringing reforms in government departments, it is difficult to maintain security. He asked the former Mujahidin and political leaders to be alert and defend their villages, districts and provinces.

Meanwhile, a number of Stalif residents said that alongside reconstruction, they want government to maintain security and help them to improve their lives.

“Livestock and gardening, especially grapes could be beneficial for addressing economic needs of Stalif people,” said Ghulam Haidar, head of Takht Stalif clinic.


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