McCain Calls On Islamabad to Crack Down on Haqqani


US Senator John McCain has pressed Islamabad to crack down on Haqqani network outfits that operate in Pakistan.

He said that Haqqani network freely operates in Pakistan and wages war against Afghanistan – something that is clear to everyone.

“There is clear and convincing information that the Haqqani network was very active inside Pakistan … and attack inside Afghanistan. We want to see progress against the Haqqani network and we have common adversaries and we should be working closely together,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government has also stressed the need for Pakistan to act against militant groups.

“When our international partners and influential senators like McCain join us and call for Pakistan’s practical steps on the issue of fighting militancy, this is in-fact the indicator of Afghanistan’s righteous position,” deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi said.

“Whatsoever so far has been done on political relations and political negotiations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pakistan’s sincerity has always remained in doubt,” political analyst Hadi Miran said.

“Pressure by the international community, slapping economic sanctions on Pakistan and the U.S and its allies cutting financial aid to Pakistan will likely to force Pakistan to take solid action against terrorism,” MP Mirdad Khan Nejrabi said.

Afghanistan has constantly blamed Pakistan for harboring the Taliban group and other insurgents that wage war in Afghanistan, something Pakistan has denied but has instead said Islamabad strongly value peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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