Meshrano Jirga Approves Draft Accord On Chabahar Port


The Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) on Sunday approved a draft agreement for Chabahar Port – which determines the details of using the port for transit of goods to and from Afghanistan.

The draft agreement is made up of 15 Articles. The Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) has already approved the draft accord.

According to the draft agreement, Afghanistan will have easier access to international markets for its products.

“The agreement will ease transit and transportation of Afghan goods between Afghanistan, India and Iran through which Afghanistan will be able to export and import goods from and to other parts of the world,” said Fawzia Sadat, a senator in the Meshrano Jirga.

Meanwhile, the house approved an eight-article draft agreement on long-term cooperation in political, economic and education aspects as well as on enhancing Afghanistan-Croatia relations.

“Both the sides should help Afghanistan in achieving peace and stability. According to the agreement, Croatia should help Afghanistan in its anti-terror mission and will continue its efforts to enhance relations between the two countries,” said Anarkali Hunaryar, another senator in the Meshrano Jirga.

“The two countries [Afghanistan and Croatia] have no political office but Croatia had a presence in Afghanistan because it is a NATO member and it is still helping the country in training Afghan forces,” said Najiba Husaini, second deputy secretary of the Meshrano Jirga.

Both draft agreements will be sent to the Presidential Palace for approval.

The Chabahar port agreement was signed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Tehran in May.

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