Military Operation Continues In Bid to Re-Take Control of Kunduz's Chahar Dara

A military operation has been launched in northern Kunduz province to re-take control of Chahar Dara district of the province which fell into the hands of the Taliban early Saturday, local officials said.

Zalmai Farooq, District Governor of Chahar Dara has said the military forces have re-taken control of a number of villages in the district but clashes still continue between the forces and insurgents.

“The military efforts continue to re-take control of the whole district,” he said.

This comes after militants on Monday took control of Dasht-e-Archi district, fueling fears that insurgents will continue to make territorial gains despite strong counter offensive efforts by the Afghan forces in recent weeks.

Mismanagement, lack of harmony between local officials and ineffective utilization of the security forces have been identified as the primary reasons for the collapse of two Kunduz districts in less than two days.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has assured the public the Afghan government will recapture the districts soon. “The Afghan national security forces will struggle to resolve the problems of both districts,” ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said. “We will use all available resources to address the issues, whether it is a lack of harmony, mismanagement or other issues,” he added.

The Taliban insurgents started their offensive against security forces on Friday night and by late Saturday had taken control of Chahar Dara in which twelve military soldiers have been killed and 16 others injured.

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