Military Operation Launched In Baghlan


Local officials in northern Baghlan province told TOLOnews that a large-scale military operation was launched in three parts of Dand-e-Ghori area in Pul-e-Khumri city on Tuesday morning in order to clear the areas of militants.

Local officials said that more than 2,000 Afghan security force members have taken part in the operation.

The officials said the Afghan Air Force will have an active role in this operation.

It is said that the military operation will be extended to all parts of Baghlan.

It comes after a number of Baghlan provincial council members said Monday that a military operation to clear some parts of Pul-e-Khumri city of the Taliban has been delayed due to unknown reasons.

However, the Defense Ministry officials said they will launch a large-scale military offensive against the Taliban in the province.

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