Military Operation Launched in Nangarhar to Clear Insurgents: Officials


A large-scale military operation was launched in three districts of eastern Nangarhar province early Saturday, local officials said.

The operation was launched in Hesarak, Sherzad and Khoghyani districts of the province which border with Pakistan. The operation was launched to clear insurgents and will continue for a month, a spokesman for the Delab 201 Military Corps in eastern Afghanistan, Noman Atifi said.

“The operation is for a month and was launched under the name of “Musalas-e-Ahaneen” to clear the insurgents,” Atifi said.

“The commandos and special police forces have also arrived in the province to support the military forces in the clearing operation.”

Mohammad Zaman Waziri, the head of the Delab 201 Military Corps is leading the operation and the air force will also support the ground forces in the operations, he said.

The operation launched in order to clear the insurgents for the good governance in the province, he added.

Sherzad and Hesarak are the most insecure districts in which the Taliban insurgents have activities and often target local security forces and threaten government employees, said officials.

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