Military Operations Launched in Badakhshan After Taliban Attack


The Afghan security forces have launched military operations in Wardoj and Baharak districts of the north-eastern Badakhshan province to clear the insurgents, local police officials said Saturday.

The operation was launched on Friday night after the arrival of reinforcements from Kabul and still continues in the districts to clear the insurgents, a spokesman for Provincial Police Chief, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai said.

“The Afghan airforce is also supporting the ground forces in the operations.” Ahmadzai said. “So far more than 50 Taliban insurgents were killed in the operations.”

In addition, two security force members were injured in the operations.

This comes after Taliban insurgents seized control of Wardoj. Afghan security officials confirmed this, stating that Taliban assaulted Wardoj late Thursday night which led to the collapse of the district.

The fighting erupted late night and lasted for several hours, resulting in the collapse of the district to the Taliban.

Reacting to the fall of Wardoj, Afghan security officials stressed that a military campaign of Afghan national army and other relevant security agencies is underway to retake the district.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan provincial council has said that the Taliban are making gains in some other parts of the province after taking control of Wardoj.

In a new development, Taliban managed to take control of Baharak district on Friday.

“If the collapse of Wardoj and Baharak districts to Taliban not handled, this will bring Faizabad, center of the province under threat,” MP Fawzia Kofi said.

Wardoj district saw some of the fiercest battles between Taliban and Afghan forces over the past two years. Unrest in the district has left several casualties among Afghan troops. A few months ago, 16 troops were killed in a Taliban ambush.

Wardoj collapsed just days after the Taliban this week got control of the strategic city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan – the first such incident since a U.S –led western coalition toppled the regime from power back in 2001.

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