Ministry Alarmed At Failure To Adhere To Human Rights Convention


Justice Ministry officials have said government has not implemented almost 29 percent of the articles included in the UN’s Human Rights Convention.

Officials said 21 percent of the articles have been fulfilled while 49 percent are under implemented.

The ministry warned that the lack of implementation was alarming.

“Still the level of implementation of articles is lower than 50 percent and it is alarming for the Afghan government,” said Faiz Mohammad Hashemi, deputy minister of justice.

Reports indicate that the human rights office of the Justice Ministry has sent 401 recommendations to government over the past decade.

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) meanwhile said the lack of implementation will raise questions over Afghanistan’s commitments made to the international community.

“Conventions are not just signatures; they should be implemented. This issue should be taken seriously,” said AIHRC spokesman Rafiullah Bedar.

However, the Justice Ministry spokesman Amanullah Riyazat noted achievements in implementing the convention.

“Reform in law is one example for this matter which has been done by Justice Ministry. The Penal Code, family law, the law of prevention of recruiting children in military agencies and others were assessed and reforms were brought,” he said.

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