MoD Assures Of Tight Security During Nawroz


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Friday assured the public of tight security measures during Nawroz – the start of the new solar year.

While hoisting the biggest national flag of Afghanistan, a gift from India, over Wazir Akbar Khan hill, the deputy Chief of Army Staff, Murad Ali Murad, said that Afghan security forces will not allow militants to carry out attacks during Nawroz.

“Security forces should ensure security across the country, so that people can celebrate Nawroz in a peaceful environment,” he added.

Murad said that security forces will spare no effort to prevent the killing of innocent civilians.

“I want to say that we will keep our national flag hoisted in every corner of the country,” he said, adding that Afghan forces will not allow anyone to commit atrocities against Afghans.

S. K. Narayan, an Indian military general, who was also present at event, said: “The flag is India’s present for Nawroz to the people of Afghanistan.”

Nawroz will be celebrated across the country on Sunday – 20 March.

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