MoD Hands Over Four Helicopters To Selab Military Corps


The Ministry of Defense (MoD) handed over four A29 helicopters to 201st Selab Military Corps on Sunday.

The Afghan air force said that the helicopters are equipped with modern weapons and will prove effective in the fight against militants.

“These helicopters are equipped with four kinds of weapons and modern bombs. They are also equipped with laser and can fly up to 36,000 feet above ground and will be flown by two pilots,” said the commander of Kabul air force, Suleman Shah.

Meanwhile, the commander of 201st Selab Military Corps, Zaman Waziri, said that from now on they will take immediate action against militants’ attacks. He added that the helicopters will help them eliminate insurgents.

“These helicopters will be effective to strengthen ground troops and soon we will be able to turn the war in the favor of Afghan forces. With these helicopters we will be able to repel militants’ attacks,” he added.

The deputy governor of eastern Nangarhar province, Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal, urged army troops to make good use of these helicopters.

“I appreciate the Ministry of Defense for giving these helicopters to 201st Selab Military Corps. From now on, our security forces will be able to use them in repelling fresh attacks of the Taliban,” he added.

Hamayoon, one of the pilots, said he has had training in the United States and is qualified to fly the helicopters.

201st Selab Military Corps took delivery of these helicopters at a crucial time – while fighting off attacks not only by the Taliban but also Daesh and other insurgent groups in Nangarhar province.

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