MoD's Samim Target Of Kabul IED Blast


The target of Thursday’s blast in Kabul appears to have been General Samim Samim, the former secretary for late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.

The blast occurred after a magnetic IED, attached to Samim’s armored vehicle, detonated in Traffic Square in PD4 in Kabul.

Samim, who was in the vehicle at the time, escaped unharmed.

Samim, who works for the Ministry of Defense, had been traveling with his family at the time of the blast.

“One passenger in the vehicle was a child and he sustained minor injuries,” said Kabul Police CID chief Fridon Obaidi.

“The blast took place then smoke and flames penetrated the vehicle. I got out and helped get my family out but the blast threw my son 100 meters away,” said Samim.

“The child was wounded and they transferred him to hospital,” said Ajmal an eyewitness.

“Black smoke rose (from the car) and all the people ran away. I thought it was a suicide attack but when I came forward I saw it was a magnetic mine,” said Omid, another eyewitness.

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