MoI Vows to Act Against Illegal Armed Groups Amid Security Concerns


Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Monday said that a surge in violence and insurgency in the country has paved the way for the expansion of militia groups in some parts of Afghanistan.

The government plans either to merge these groups within the structure of government forces or disarm them, the MoI said in a statement.

As the Taliban makes new attempts to infiltrate the western province of Herat, former Jihadi commander Mohammad Ismail on Monday warned that he would take unilateral action if the scale of threats is not curbed by government.

There are some reports indicating that government is providing support to these groups under the name of local police force or public uprising force.

Amid controversy, meanwhile the governor of Kunduz province also raised deep concerns over the presence of illegal armed groups in the volatile province.

“Whenever we take action to disarm them (illegal armed groups), then we receive calls from the center to take back their arms, recently we disarmed twenty of them, but the center directed us to give back their arms,” said Assadullah Omarkhail, the governor of Kunduz.

“These groups are quite dangerous and they can change into a major headache in the future like the Taliban group,” said MP Dawoud Kalakani.

But the MoI has also realized threats from the illegal armed groups exist.

“Presence of these individuals in the long term could be problematic, but there are programs to include them in the structure of the security forces,” said MoI deputy spokesman Najibullah Danish.

A perception however exists that the weakness of the security forces in tackling the terrorists in the battlefields has paved the way for the creation of militia groups in the country.

This comes as Afghans in several regions of the country have complaints about the activities of these groups, violating the Afghan laws.

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