More Than 20 Soldiers Desert Posts In Baghlan

Baghlan police chief Gen. Noor Habib Gulbahari on Saturday said more than 20 soldiers and officers have deserted their posts in Dahan-e-Ghori district of northern Baghlan province taking their weapons with them.

He said the soldiers were from the national and local police forces.

“There are 21 soldiers and they claimed they had problems with the relevant headquarters. We are trying to solve their problems. But they have not been absorbed by the enemy,” he said.

Baghlan provincial council meanwhile said the soldiers should be intercepted before being arrested or recruited by the Taliban.

“The relevant police headquarters knows why their men have left their posts. If they have gone to take control of Dahan-e-Ghori district or want to stand against government or have deserted their posts due to problems, all these should be explained to the people,” said Bismillah Atash, a member of the council.

A number of analysts said the gap between soldiers and government is to the benefit of armed anti-government groups.

“Internal problems can have negative consequences. Winter is close and government should eliminate the insurgents’ safe havens. If the situation continues like this, the gap between government and security forces will get wider,” said Qioum Shariati, a university lecturer.

In telephone conversations, the soldiers said they number more than 50 that have deserted their posts due to negligence of security officials.

They said if their problems are addressed, they will return to their check posts.

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