Mother of Martyred Policeman Calls For End To War

The mother of a policeman killed six months ago by insurgents in Balkh province has appealed to government and to insurgents to end the war and reach a peace agreement.

Bebe Gul said the death of a child was too heavy a burden to carry and that no mother should have her heart broken in this way under such circumstances.

Bebe Gul’s son, Abdul Qayoum, was a special forces policeman who died six months ago in a suicide attack on the attorney general’s office in Balkh province.

Abdul Qayoum has left behind six children, all of whom now have to be cared for by their 68-year-old grandfather and 56-year-old grandmother.

“The enemy is not letting us calm down. I lost my son and we have to take care of his six children. Day and night I cry and I pray that the person who killed my son and others who kill our children be punished,” said Bebe Gul.

With tears streaming down her face, Qayoum’s distraught mother said that the death of a child was a very painful experience for a mother.

“May God save us, all this war as well as killing is enough now. We cannot tolerate it anymore,” Bebe Gul said.

Two of Qayoum’s children, Abdul Qasim, 10, and Abdul Fahim, 12, are at school and ask only that they can continue their studies.

“I want be educated and I want to be an engineer in the future,” said Abdul Qasim.

“I am interested to study and I want to be a doctor in the future and I want the government to help us,” said Abdul Fahim.

Qayoum’s sons say the only remaining memento of their father is a picture of him on the wall – a picture they look at often.

Abdul Ahad, Qayoum’s father, said that the death of his 34-year-old son has broken him.

He spoke about how difficult their financial situation now is and also asked government to help.

“We don’t have anything to eat. Unemployment has increased. We ask the government to end this war – enough is enough, people are dying and becoming homeless,” said Abdul Ahad.

Their neighbors also spoke out about the family’s dire conditions and said: “Abdul Qayoum was a good boy and patriotic. He was a servant of his country and his people. He was a kind man, we don’t have many people like him in our area,” said Yaqoub one of the tribal elders in the area.

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